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What A Relief is an all natural aloe vera based gel used for temporary relief of body aches and pains associated with arthritis, gout and headaches. This is an anti-inflammatory that temporarily reduces swelling. By rubbing What A Relief on your body gives temporary relief with carpal tunnel, rashes, skin irritations, minor insect bites, muscular/joint pain.  Many sports enthusiasts, pregnant women, seniors, etc., all love What A Relief. What A Relief also contains MSM, a natural occuring sulfur in plants and in the human body.

​8 oz. size $35.95

Lavilin Deodorant - This deodorant is aluminum free, non-toxic and eliminates odor in the underarm area for several days after one bedtime application for most people! Next morning and thereafter, bathing and showering may be continued as usual.

.44 oz full size $18.95

1 gram trial size $2.00

These products are considered dietary supplements and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.  Please consult your doctor for all health advice and prior to taking any supplements.  Please contact your doctor if adverse reactions occur.

The Complete Bee Health Plan
4 Month Supply Only $39.95 plus postage

120 CAPSULES Bee Pollen --- a great nutritious product
120 CAPSULES Bee Propolis---an infection fighter in the beehive
120 CAPSULES Royal Jelly---the queen bee’s nourishment*
   *****The queen bee lives longer than any bee in the beehive.

Many of our customers report feeling better and having more energy using our Health Plans.  Give it a try today!!  Bee good to your health!!

​Save even more money by purchasing the 300-Day Royal Bee Health Plan.  Same plan but more capsules for only $87.95 plus postage.